Fair & Affordable Utility Rates in Medicine Hat

Advocating for Fair & Affordable Rates

As an advocate for fair and affordable rates, our primary goal is to ensure that individuals and businesses can access necessary services without facing exorbitant costs. We believe that fair rates not only promote economic equality but also contribute to a sustainable and equitable future. Our focus is on advocating for policies and regulations that prioritize affordability and prevent price exploitation.

Holding Our Council Accountable

As concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to hold our town council accountable for their actions regarding taxes and utilities. By actively monitoring their decisions and actions, questioning their motives, and advocating for transparency and accountability, we can ensure that they serve the best interests of the community and make informed decisions regarding the provision and management of utilities and taxes.

Reinstating Medicine Hat's Competitive Advantage

One advantage of living in Medicine Hat, Alberta is that we own our Utilities and our Power Plants produce enough electricity to power Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. In addition, millions of dollars in revenues are made annually selling electricity onto the grid. CMH Utility has a Provincial Exemption, we do not pay Transmission Fees, thus saving millions of dollars! With this great power, comes great responsibility to ensure all Ratepayers receive the benefits of owning our Utility! Our City owned Utility can also provide its Ratepayers the lowest rates in the Province while sustaining the Utility business. Utility revenues provide tax abatements and are also utilized for City budget operations. This is an advantage for businesses, residential, and outside investors to move here and start companies.



Our group will continue to advocate for fair and affordable rates now and in the future. We are a strong voice for all citizens to keep our Council and Administration accountable and transparent, and inform citizens and businesses of our utility rates and City policy decisions regarding our taxes.

If this is something you want to be involved with, as a board member or even to be a member to help our mission for the betterment of our community, please let us know.

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