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Our Current Objectives Are;

Regardless of Household Income For Residents

Fair utility rates in a town provide several benefits. Firstly, they ensure that all residents are charged reasonably for essential services, promoting equity and affordability. This helps to alleviate financial burdens on low-income households.

Investigating Services Charges On Utility Bills

We are investigating the MCAF Utility Franchise Fee, and hopefully to eliminate this unjustified fee! Our Association will look at all fees and ensure the Ratepayers are being fairly charged.

Switching Customer Accounts

All accounts will be automatically switched onto the one-rate “best gas wholesale price” our utility can purchase on our behalf effective Jan. 1, 2024. Interim Gas rate prices will update monthly. Interim Electric rates will be based on the market, and will adjust quarterly. Our advocacy has ensured all Ratepayers are receiving one simplified rate, without needing to gamble on a contract or choosing from various rates and fear of choosing the wrong rate! These rates, however, are only INTERIM and are pending a Comco Business Review later in 2024.


Together We Can Make A Difference

Joining our ratepayers association is crucial to advocating for our citizens and reinstating the “Medicine Hat advantage.” Currently, we are experiencing unfair rates that are burdening our residents.

By becoming a member, you can contribute to the collective voice that will negotiate for fair rates, ensuring a more affordable and prosperous environment for all. Together, we can make a difference and reclaim the advantages that our community deserves.

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